Saturday, September 12, 2009

Praise the Lord......

The Lord is my strength,
My eternal guiding light.
He stands with me in the sunshine,
Calms me through the stormy nights.

He stands with me on the mountain tops.
He walks with me upon the beach,
When it is His guidance
That my heart does seek.

Always there to pick me up,
When I fall on bended knees;
He is The Captain of my ship,
As we sail across the seas.

He is in each and every breath I take,
In every path within my sight.
When I take life's daily journey,
I pray my choices have been right.

He greets me with the morning,
As each new day awakes.
His canvas is the earth and sky.
What a beautiful sight it makes.

He renews the strength with in my heart.
My faith shall never falter.
For, when I sing His loving praise,
My soul becomes even stronger.

May God Bless You All.
Peace and Love.